A 360 solution for parking

All aspects of parking management technology into one integrated system

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Parking Sensors

Inexpensive magnetic sensors with long lasting battery life, easily allocated on the ground of each parking space, throw real-time notifications through wireless communications.

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Driver Guidance

You can finally stop wasting time in search for a parking space. Based on real-time occupancy information, we provide the best path for you, with the aid of informative panels and mobile applications.

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Forget the spare change and use your smartphone. With the exact time spent on parking, retrieved from the sensors, a fair payment can be made through several services.

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Management & Enforcement

Teams responsible for the supervision of the parking areas get access to real-time monitoring and management capabilities, specifically alerts on infractions and respective optimal solutions.

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Predictive Analysis

Taking historical data into account, and high-performance machine learning functionalities, our system is capable of providing behavioural predictions to help you plan your trip (or business).

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System Interoperability

Sustainability is one of our primary objectives, hence, our need to integrate with existing infrastructure in the city, such as lighting, alarms, and gates, improving its efficiency and savings.

How it works

All aspects of parking management technology into one integrated system

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Search for a parking spot

We will do this for you. Just by knowing where you are and where you would like to go, Parkware can guide you to the best parking space available and ease the payment process, all from your mobile device.

Infractions Detection

On-street supervisors are capable of efficiently responding to payment infringements in their parking areas. With real-time information about occupancy and fees, the management staff can act proficiently.

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Predictive Analytics

Based on the historical data collected, our powerful machine-learning algorithms can efficiently predict the parking spaces or areas occupancy, allowing for an adequate pricing table and surge profit.